This Week in History (1915): A steal of a deal on property in the Millar Addition

Almost a century ago, prospective home builders could purchase lots in Prince George’s Millar Addition for $325 each. But there were conditions attached — and perhaps offset by visions of future residential prestige. According to an advertisement in the Prince George Herald newspaper on December 18, 1915:

To the Home Builder:
We will sell you a fine residential lot in the MILLAR ADDITION, which is within two blocks of George Street, for $325, providing you agree to build a house costing $1,000 thereon within a year.
The Millar Addition of Prince George promises to become the best residential section of this city. 

Photo of the Millar Addition in 1921.

By 1921, residential development in the Millar Addition was well under way.
(Photo: The Exploration Place)

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