The Road Home (formerly Northern Faces, Northern Places) is a history and travel blog written by Caroline Ross.

Caroline is a writer, history advocate, outdoor enthusiast and collector of new experiences living in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Many of her stories relate to her local area, specifically her home town of Prince George.

Caroline has a persistent case of wanderlust. She regularly takes to the road, where she thrives on exploring new places, meeting new people and delving into natural and historical landscapes. She often finds her curiosity piqued by what she encounters along the way, be it an old building, a trail with a tale or the figurative footsteps of persons come and gone. Caroline’s inquisitiveness inspires her to search out the stories behind what she encounters — to unravel the historical threads and anecdotes, then stitch them together in a narrative that gives voice to our oft-forgotten past.

The Road Home is Caroline’s vehicle for sharing these stories with you — the stories behind the places, spaces and faces that speak to her as she explores her own passions.

Thank your for adding your own footsteps to The Road Home.

More about Caroline:

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